Why Choose Athena Wireless?

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The Company

Athena Wireless Communications Inc. understands the backhaul problem that network operators are facing. Using innovative components and techniques, Athena Wireless creates network connectivity solutions for networks of all sizes. Athena Wireless’ solutions are easy to setup and ready to deploy out of the box while maintaining industry leading capability.

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The Industry

Networks of all sizes are struggling to meet their users’ demand for network data capacity. As more “smart” devices enter the environment, traditional networks are starved for bandwidth and upgrading to a fiber-optic network backbone is increasingly expensive. Athena Wireless provides wireless gigabit Ethernet backhaul solutions which rival the network capacity and capability of fiber.

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The Solution

Athena Wireless’ gigabit wireless network solutions have a small footprint – as small as 7×7 inches (18×18 cm) square and weighing as little as 5.5lbs (2.5kg) – with a convenient single cable interface and integrated antenna. The small footprint and high capacity of Athena Wireless’ gigabit wireless radio links provide a high power, cost effective solution to the backhaul problem.

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